Journalist Report – May 15th

Crew 194 Report
Sol 2

Later than usual start to the morning as most of us surprisingly and coincidentally slept well past sunup. Yesterday evening the crew successfully responded to a simulated medical emergency. With the crew safe and all dangers tended to, we had more energy than usual as the day came to a close. After reviewing the dangers, symptoms, and treatment of radiation exposure to space travelers, we set outside for our EVA. Coincidentally, solar radiation had the landscape and the EVA much warmer than yesterday. Returning from a very successful EVA, we sat down and learned celestial navigation. Enjoying the throwbacks to math, geometry, and using pencil and paper again, we found it pleasantly challenging. Having to say farewell to our instructor Dana, a space nerd with a personality the size of Olympic Mons, we excitedly welcome a new instructor, Rick Cole.

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