Journalist Report- May 22nd

[tittle Journalist Report – May 22]

MDRS Crew 195
Sol 2

Dubbed Nerd Day, our EVA centred around finding evidence of life on Mars using the drone. It was a longer ride on the quads and buggies (gee life is tough) and a few short strolls up and down the gentle hills en route.

Even with the wind picking up and a spattering of Martian rain, the drone buzzed about, up and down the wash and sticky-beaking on the crew. Hey "Lead", do you ever get that feeling you’re being watched?

We’ve said goodbye to one crew member today and will gain more on the resup ship. Afternoon downtime was filled with a bit of reading, electronic Chess games, snoozing, exercise in the Engineering tunnel, trading "war stories" and rehydrating freeze dried blueberries with orange Gatorade. As you do.

For tonight’s entertainment: The Martian. Most of us have seen it before but this time it will be with new eyes. Freshly ultrasound gelled eyes.

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