EVA Report May 25th

Crew 195 EVA Report 25May2018

EVA Report


The crew set out to the nearby site they’ve dubbed the “martian graveyard” to search for signs of ancient life. Unfortunately they were yet again beset by crisis when crew members became incapacitated in the simulation. The crew expertly handled the situation as they have many times before and discussed the management and events afterwards with a fantastic debrief. This crew’s final EVA was executed with expert ability and demonstrated their command of the complex material they learned during this course.

EVA Crew Members: Scott, Madison, Rae, Christian, Dana, Mason, Barry, Ruslana,

Habitat Crew: Chris


Near Habitat

Easting: 518800

Northing: 4250900

EVA objectives

Survey or signs of life

Management of medical contingencies

Return Rovers to Hab


Medical contingencies managed

Rovers and ATVs were successfully recovered

ATVs/Rovers Used

ATVs x 3, EVs x 2 (deimos, curiosity)

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