Operations Report October 22nd

Operations Report 22OCT2018

SOL: n/a

Name of person filing report: Shannon Rupert

Non-nominal systems: Batteries for power system

Notes on non-nominal systems: Batteries arrive tomorrow and will be installed on Friday!

Generator (hours run): 24

Solar— SOC n/a %

Diesel – 80 %

Propane – did not check psi.

Ethanol Free Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) – 0 gallons.

Water (axillary tank) – 0 gallons.

Water (static) – 500 gallons

GreenHab water tank: 200 gallons

Water (loft) – Static to Loft Pump used – yes

Water Meter: n/a

Toilet tank emptied: no

ATV’s Used: (Honda, 300, 350.1, 350.2, 350.3) Honda used to move Deimos into charging position, the 350 that was not starting needed fuel, because I switched to the reserve tank and it worked fine. This is interesting, because it really did not look empty, it looked about 1/3 fuel. All ATVs, if used, should have a full tank when leaving MDRS. The three 350’s and the 300 have been taken out of sim service. The Honda remains, but only to be used if a rover breaks down and needs tows back to MDRS. Crews will not be trained on the use of ATVs, but one experienced person or chosen person per crew will be trained on how to tow.

Oil Added? no

ATV Fuel Used: 0 Gals

# Hours the ATVs were Used today: 0

Notes on ATVs:

Deimos rover used: Yes, towed into position in the charging bay next to Hab. I will work on it there,


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: Yes

Sojourner rover used: yes


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: no

Spirit rover used: no.


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: yes

Opportunity rover used: no


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: no

Curiosity rover used: no


Beginning charge:

Ending charge:

Currently charging: no

HabCar used and why, where? Was used in the am to haul water, then driven to Bicknell for the following repairs: New windshield, new taillight, oil change and safety inspection. We will pick it up at the end of the week and get new tabs for it.

Crew Transport Vehicle: Yes, to drop the HabCar off and to get fence posts for the tunnel

General notes and comments: Work on the tunnel was started today but not finished due to (you guessed it!) rain. Most of the fenceposts were reset and four of the tarps are in place.

Summary of internet: All three accounts nominal. HAL is
operational. More information will be coming about this system.

Summary of suits and radios: Suits have arrived and are being charged for training in the morning.

Summary of Hab operations: All materials have been removed from in front of the Hab except the rocks, which we are referring to as “the in situ resource material”. I will move it over time.

There is a leak in the drain pipe from the summer work done on the plumbing. It is where the old science sink used to drain. For now, we are using the upstairs sink normally, and catching the water in a bucket using the contractor can fix it.

We will be turning on the hot water in the morning and conducting a propane test in the morning.

Summary of GreenHab operations: We began using the big blue water tank in the GreenHab. It is nice to be able to water from inside the building and will provide some temperature buffering capacity.

Summary of ScienceDome operations: Nothing to report

Summary of RAMM operations: Nothing to report

Summary of health and safety issues: nothing to report.

Notes, questions, concerns and requests to Mission Support: nothing at this time

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