Sol Summary October 22nd

Crew 197 Daily Summary Report 23.05.2018

MDRS Daily Summary Report for Sol 1

Summary Title
Morning on Mars

Mission Status:

Sol Activity Summary:
5 of us (James B., Shannon N., Marge, Sacha, and Jim E.) arrived from Grand Junction late yesterday, and were greeted warmly by Dr. Rupert as well as NorCal chapter members Max and Robert who delivered the refurbished suits and helmets. We woke up this morning to our first full day on Mars! We are not yet in sim and there was some cleanup and repairs needed to the tunnels between the Hab and the ancillary facilities. Our commander Dr. Susan Ip-Jewell also arrived this afternoon. After dinner, we had an extended training, briefing, and social session with Dr. Rupert.

Look Ahead Plan: It has rained extensively recently, including today, and it’s pretty muddy outside. We are not expecting to do an EVA until Sol 3 (Wednesday). Tomorrow we will get a full briefing of the suits, and plan to enter sim after lunch. Our mission is a short 5 day mission and we hope to survey future drone flights for the MarsVR Program using EVAs, as well as to ensure all of our crew members have great experiences here.

Anomalies in work:
– Tunnels not fully covered with tarps.
– Science Dome is unusable due to battery failures over the
offseason. New batteries will be installed on Friday.
– Mud outside due to rain, hard to do EVAs.

Weather: Nice in the morning. Rainy in the afternoon but has now cleared up.

Crew Physical Status: Everybody is well and in good spirits.

EVA: None planned for tomorrow.

Reports to be filed:

Operations Report by Dr. Rupert

Sol Summary – James Burk (XO)

Hal Report – James Burk (XO)

Crew Photos – James Burk (XO)

Photo of the Day – James Burk (XO)

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