EVA Report – October 25th

EVA Report For 25 October 2018 – EVA3
Author James Burk
Purpose of EVA:
1. Scout Candor Chasma for VR footage
2. Capture 360 and gimbaled camera footage of the MDRS and typical EVA activities.
3. Test out new suits and get feedback.
4. Test out GPS unit.
Destination: Candor Chasma
UTM NAT27 Coordinates: 4250500, 521500
Participants: Max Boyce (Lead), James Burk, Jim Ehrhart, Robert M. Narrative:
We travelled up the road to look for the crossroads to get to Candor but we were not able to find it the first time (or the second time). Eventually we crossed over to the eastbound road and approached the canyon. Around this time we lost connection with Habcom, and stopped our rovers. 2 of us climbed up a ridge (might have been Phobos Peak) to reestablish contact and scout the area. Once we were done, we realized that one of the two rovers was below 60%, and thus we had to immediately return to base.
From the engineering report: Opportunity experienced non-nominal behavior during EVA 3. Rover was carrying larger team members, Robert (5’7”) and James (6’9”) and their knees apparently hit the gear buttons randomly that resulted in the rover being in High gear for portions of the trip and rapid battery consumption. Approximately 100m from the Hab the rover was at 25% and the “motor overheat” lamp came on and the rover stopped. The crew pushed it back to its proper parking spot and used a spare extension cord from the GreenHab to plug it in.

EVA Report For 25 October 2018 – EVA4
Author James Burk
Purpose of EVA:
1. Scout Lith Canyon area for VR footage.
2. Capture 360 and gimbaled camera footage of the MDRS and typical EVA activities.
3. Test out new suits and get feedback.
4. Test out GPS units. Gather GPS waypoint data.
Destination: Lith Canyon
UTM NAT27 Coordinates: 4256046 519257
Participants: Max Boyce (Lead), Shannon Norrell, Marge Lipton, Robert M. Narrative:
All objectives achieved. The team drove the two rovers (Spirit and Curiosity) up to Lith Canyon. As soon as they reached the crossroads north of Pooh’s Corner, they lost Habcom communication as per EVA3. They were able to reach Lith Canyon and survey the area for VR. Also, they took several GPS coordinate readings of various landmarks which we thought future crews might find helpful. We have also converted these Lat/Long readings into NAT27 CONUS.

Mars Sign
Handheld (HH MM SS): 38.24.334 110.47.407
iPhone (Decimal – DDD): 38.4056 110.7903
UTM NAD27 CONUS: 4250840 518292

Pooh’s Corner
Handheld: 38.24.532 110.47.040
iPhone: 38.4081 110.7846
NAD27: 425118 518806

Crossroads Turnoff
Handheld: 38.25.058 110.46.886
iPhone: 38.4175 110.7812
NAD27: 4252162 519101

Route Sign
Handheld: 38.26.437 110.47.792
iPhone: 38.441 110.797
NAD27: 4254766 517716

Handheld: 38.27.118 110.47.462
iPhone: 38.4519 110.7909
NAD27: 4256129 517785

Lith Canyon
Handheld: 38.27.146 110.46.767
iPhone: 38.4525 110.7793
NAD27: 4256046 519257

Conversion tools we used:
Convert DDD to Hours, Minutes, Seconds –
https://gisgeography.com/decimal-degrees-dd-minutes-seconds-dms/ Convert – http://www.synnatschke.de/geo-tools/coordinate-converter.php

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