Sol Summary Report – November 11th 2018

Crew 198 Sol Summary Report 11Nov2018

Sol 1

Summary Title The day was very educational with didactic sessions supported by real time implementation of skills learned.

Author’s name Jayne Paulson

Mission Status: Team morale is high and they seem to be bonding well. They are working well as a team and identified appropriate roles within the team.

Sol Activity Summary: am didactic sessions and afternoon EVA

Look Ahead Plan: Our debrief today identified significant strengths and areas for improvement on future EVAs.We plan to implement these changes on EVA tomorrow.

Anomalies in work: none

Weather:Partly cloudy

Crew Physical Status: Crew physical status is excellent, and everyone is excited to be on Mars!

EVA: Recovery of Chinese Satellite

Reports to be filed:

Sol Summary

Engineering Report

Journalist Report (Photos)

GreenHab Report

EVA Request

Crew Bios

Support Requested: None

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