Greenhab Report – December 3rd

rew 200 GreenHab Report – 03-DEC-2018

Greenhab Officer: Makiah Eustice

Environmental Control:


Shade Cloth on

Average Temperatures:

Low: 70 F

High: 80 F

Hours of Supplemental Light: 5

Daily Water Usage of Crops: 10 L

Water in Blue Tank (lbs): 1/3 full

Times of Watering for Crops: 1000

Changes to crops:

Planted 3 small cups of Water Cress for Andrew’s school outreach. Planted shallow bed of sun flower seeds and shallow bed of mixed salad greens. All reported in the Greenhab Log


First day in the Greenhab! A sauna for me, but a retreat for anyone trying to briefly escape the cold. Still trying to understand the operations and needs of individual plants.

Harvest: NONE

Support/Supplies Needed: The humidity/temperature measure is not displaying the temperature correctly; we may need a new sensor. The supplemental light did not come on Sunday night, but did tonight; I will check to see if the light goes off at midnight tonight. Some of the snap peas and tomatoes are not doing well; I believe they need more sun to thrive.

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