Sol Summary – December 4th

Sol: 2

Summary Title: Safety training, middle school outreach, and science experiments

Author’s name: Lindsay Rutter

Mission Status: Crew practiced emergency training, science experiments underway, public outreach underway

Sol Activity Summary: We discussed and acted out various
emergency/health scenarios, such as strokes, electric shock, hypothermia, fire, and CPR cases. Safety checklist was completed in regards to fire alarms, CO alarms, and medical kits. Microscopes were inspected. Questions about living on MDRS and Mars from eighth graders were answered. Personal experiments were underway.

Look Ahead Plan: Weather-pending EVAs for drone mapping and infrared camera shots will be conducted. Science experiments will continue.

Anomalies in work: No astronomy possible due to cloudy conditions.

Weather: Cold with snow and mud on the ground.

Crew Physical Status: No crew members reported physical problems today.


Reports to be file: N/A

Support Requested: N/A

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