Astronomy Report December 6th

Astronomer: Andrew Foster


Robotic Telescope Requested: MDRS-WF (05 DEC)

Requested objects – Requested yesterday (05 DEC) 46/P Wirtanen (wide field),

MDRS-14 imaging update:

46/P Wirtanen (cometary coma imaging) – Active

3C 273 (Quasar) – Active

AG Peg / RW Aur (photometry measurements) – Images available (will download post-mission for processing).

Objects Viewed: None

Image attached: None.

Problems Encountered:

Poor weather conditions (Cloudy conditions continue today).


Solar Features Observed: Short observation of Sun through eyepiece w/ high cloud conditions, no detail visible. Carried out short test of Imaging Source DBK camera (no image captured).


Carried out minor repair on Solar observatory dome – loose seal secured (see attached photos).

Both observatories are clear of snow this evening.

End report.

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