Mission Support Crew 200 Sol Summary December 6th

Sol: 4

Summary Title: A productive day of science, EVAs, visitors, and outreach.

Author’s name: Lindsay Rutter

Mission Status: All crew members happy, healthy, and productive.

Sol Activity Summary: Crew ate all meals together. Science projects
continued throughout the day. Two EVAs were conducted. Crew members
welcomed more visitors to the habitat. Group photographs were taken
with crew members holding banners from girl scout troupe from Qatar.

Look Ahead Plan: No EVAs tomorrow; crew members will focus on research projects.

Anomalies in work: None reported.

Weather: Cold with snow and mud on the ground.

Crew Physical Status: No crew members reported physical problems today.

EVA: Early EVA consisted of four female crew members and was led by
female crew commander. Destination was about one mile north of the
habitat. Soil samples were collected. Later EVA consisted of three
crew members with media guests. Destination was hill next to the

Reports to be file: N/A

Support Requested: N/A

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