Journalist Report – December 11th

Crew 200 Journalist Report 11-DEC-2018

*In spoken word format*

Where would I be if I chose education over learning?
I would have arose this morning, on Earth.
I would’ve taken the exam that kept me on Earth, yesterday.
Because all things considered, at the end of the day,
I am here for school.
A professor will rule a grade that affects my career.
My research on Mars doesn’t get graded at the end of year.
The rules say I’m a student before an engineer.

Well, this isolation does something at MDRS, especially for the
engineering mind.
Where the problem is undefined.
The method is up to you,
but the solution is experience and time.

At the end of the day,
when you take your course books offline,
your education is now experiential
Your learning has boundless potential

Heat Transfer lessons leap off binded textbooks
As Antoine finds nooks in the Hab to refine his model.
Computer Science lab is now carried
by Lindsay’s work to meet the need
of a report reading software.
Everyday, we code through another layer.

I’m on EVA, my phone on display to the GPS received from 16 of 23 satellites
I learned about in a lecture in class. I might
lose signal with the Hab Com, but we have protocol,
procedures, to anticipate all
scenarios so we can come home safe.
We did. Not a minute too soon or too late.

Do I have my priorities straight?
Would it have been better to wait until I graduate?
Or until I have Dr. in front of my name,
Where a professor would have respect for me same?
When the difference between Mars and Earth
is only a final examination,
I will choose learning over education.

Makiah Eustice

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