Sol Summary – December 12th

Crew 200 Sol Summary 12Dec2018

Crew 200 Sol Summary Report 12-DEC-2018

Sol: 10

Summary Title: Exploring Phobos Peak and examining unusual objects
collected during EVA

Author’s name: Lindsay Rutter

Mission Status: All crew members are happy and healthy

Sol Activity Summary: Each morning, the first object I see when I look
out the east window is the silhouette of Phobos Peak Rock as the
rising sun lights it up from behind. We had a beautiful sunrise this
morning and Phobos Peak Rock emerged all the more majestic than usual.
I was happy to remember that it was our approved geographical
destination for our EVA. We conducted another 3 crew EVA and walked to
Phobos Peak. We then explored its surrounding areas, discovering a
curious aluminum object near the peak, which we returned to the
habitat for investigation. Winds became violent shortly after our
return, but we celebrated our successful EVA safely inside our habitat
with a dish of quinoa peppered with oregano from the GreenHab.

Look Ahead Plan: We will continue conducting 3 crew EVAs and mapping
radio strength and connectivity. We will also continue our
collaborative projects.

Anomalies in work: Heavy winds caused minor damage in the tunnels,
which we repaired. Heating system in the habitat has been working on
and off; it appears to be working now but we will continue monitoring

Weather: Snow melting; clear in the morning but clouds and heavy winds
developed in the early afternoon.

Crew Physical Status: No crew members reported physical problems today.

EVA: A walking EVA was conducted at and around Phobos Peak. We
continued our communication protocol to assess radio strength and
connectivity in areas around the habitat. Our EVA was almost exactly
two hours.

Reports to be file: Operations Report, EVA Report, EVA Request,
GreenHab Report, Pictures Report, Journalist Report, Sol Report

Support Requested: N/A

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