Journalist Report – December 16th

Crew 201 Journalist Report – 16DEC2018

The Martian Chronicles

1] – The Arrival

Since the beginning of our history, humanity has contemplated the immensity of the universe, imagining exciting and mysterious futures, asking the most complex questions and, why not say it, the craziest ones. However, it is specifically one question that has caused in people an immeasurable desire to reach other worlds; an illusion to reach the far limits of the Cosmos, facing any challenge along the way, taking us to the limit of the unimaginable. A question so simple, but still so powerful… What is out there?

MDRS Crew 201 – MEx-1

It was the 900hrs time of Mars. The 200 crew began with subtle nostalgia the preparations for their departure, but with the satisfaction of having successfully completed one more mission. Between laughs, anecdotes and more than one recommendation, accompanied by a hot coffee and a light breakfast, we accompany our companions with their last food on the red planet. After a long journey, full of challenges and experiences, the 201 MEx-1 crew has landed. It’s official: we’re on Mars.

The day began like any other mission start, reviewing the ins and outs of our new adventure, saying goodbye to our predecessors at the station and settling on what will be our home for the next 15 SOLES Martians. The excitement of each member of our crew overflows as we prepare to start this great adventure. Understanding how a group of six people, with such different and particular personalities, will be able to work as a team to overcome challenges, joys and disappointments, is possibly the greatest challenge we will face. And we are sure that it will give us much to talk about. Anyway … we’ll see what happens.

The clock of the station (which we will refer to as The HAB from now on) marked 1530hrs, when the last preparations were concluded and the members of MEx-1 we concentrated in the frontal zone to know the vehicles of exploration. On board the rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity (a small tribute to our first Martian explorers), we traveled around the path that, in later days, will be the protagonist of more than one good story in this mission journal. As the light from our nearest star vanished on the horizon of our new home, we set off on our way back to the HAB to review the coming plans, prepare the experiments to be performed, and enjoy our first dinner at more than 50 million kilometers. of our home, the Earth.

They say that the most complex challenges are the most satisfying. And we are convinced that this occasion will not be the exception. For now, we have nothing left to rest, because tomorrow awaits us a SUN full of activities ahead. Welcome to this adventure called MEx-1. The crew 201 says goodbye for today, but not before wishing them an excellent morning, afternoon or evening in the place of the Earth in which they are reading us. Ad-astra!

MEx-1 continuará informando.

Walter A. Calles Glass, MDRS Crew 201 Journalist

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