Sol Summary – December 16th

Crew 201 Sol Summary Report 16-Dec-2018


Summary Title: Ya llegamos… Y ahora qué?

Author’s name: Federico Arturo Martínez Espinoza

Mission Status: Things are going great, the team is very close so we are having a good adaptation to the hab, roles are well definite and if something is not clear we have great communication.

Sol Activity Summary: We had a training about how to wear the spacesuit. We learned to go outside covered, especially when it’s getting late, we had our rover training, we went to town for water and learned how to refill the tank of water.

Look Ahead Plan: Mission Briefing, food inventory, 3d printer assembling.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny at the morning and noon, as we went on our training and tour at the rovers, it was getting cold.

Crew Physical Status: Crew member had a headache and took a pill.

EVA: North ridge, Galileo road.

Reports to be file:

– Operations report

– Greenhab report

– Journal report

– Bios report

– Photos

– Pic of the day

Support Requested: None

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