Commander Report – December 17th

Crew 201 Commander Report 17-Dec-2018

When I found out that I would return to Mars the same year, the first thing I did was get excited by the new propulsion system that would quickly bring me back to the red planet after having visited it for the first time at the beginning of the year with a crew that represented all of Latin America.

This new occasion is different, Misión de Exploración-1(MEx-1) is confirmed by Mexican engineers who have dedicated years of their life to work in different areas of science and technology in our country. We met more than two years ago in a congress of the International Astronautical Federation. There we knew that we all shared the same dream, being astronauts … going to Mars.

Here we are, Here I am, in the front of a crew formed by leaders in their field but committed with the objective of the mission. Each of them has different personalities that make them unique and different for their tasks, experiments, and daily activities.

I am the only woman, the youngest and the Commander. For all those girls who read this: come on, you can do it, don´t be afraid.

Before coming to Mars, we trained for hours about how to work as a team and to learn how to solve problems and emergencies. All this worked because despite that they are still learning how everything works, each one has done a good job and fulfilled the tasks that are assigned to them. Thanks to our Ground Crew for the previous support.

The mission has many objectives and experiments but I trust in my crew and they trust in me. Everything goes according to plan and without any incident. In the next few days we will receive a rocket with some more instruments for the experiments, meanwhile, we will perform other previous tasks.

Tania Robles, Crew 201 Commander

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