Sol Summary – December 17th

Crew 201 Sol Summary 17-Dec-2018

Sol Summary
Sol: 2
Summary Title: First EVAs (and troubleshoot)

Author’s name: Juan Carlos Mariscal

Mission Status: Systems are all working in nominal status, we had a medium obstacle when doing the training EVAs since we realized they didn’t charge the rovers overnight.

Sol Activity Summary: Today we had our training EVA and learned some electrical troubleshooting and emergency workaround, teamwork and coordination were key. In addition, we started our daily workout routine.

We are working as well on the inventory of medicines and food.

Look Ahead Plan: Now we must be very careful of the rover charging process and the EVA planning in case we have more trouble with the rovers

What’s the plan for tomorrow?

We’ll first do our daily workout, set up all the experiments supplies and some inside activities such as programming, but mainly, we’ll celebrate a crew member’s birthday! Cesar is 27 tomorrow in Mars 🙂

Anomalies in work: We realized that the RAM did not charge the rovers overnight, which meant a major change in our training EVA since we had to change our whole schedule and go out in couples, instead of groups of four people.

Weather: Cloudy/Cold

Crew Physical Status: All crew members are safe and healthy. Ironically, our HSO got a minor wound in a finger; all good.

EVA: All crew members went to Marble Ritual to do some exploration activities

Reports to be filled:
-Operations Report SOL1 (correction)
-Operations Report SOL2
-Greenhab Report
-Journalist Report
-Commander´s Report
-EVA Report
-Mission Plan
-HSO Checklist

Support Requested: We requested support from the Director in order to know what could have happened with the power in the RAM. She restarted the circuit breakers; we’ll keep on monitoring.

Carlos, XO

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