Astronomy Report – December 18th

Mission Support,

This is our Astronomy Report. Today we learned how to use the Telescope of the Musk Observatory. It was a cloudy day, so we couldn´t take any pictures for you.

Receive the report.

Astronomy Report
Name: Federico Arturo Martínez Espinoza
Crew: 201
Date: Dec-18-2018
Sky conditions: Clear
Wind: Calm
Observation start time: 15:20
Observation end time: 15:50
Summary: This was the first day we went to Musk Solar Observatory to probe how to start, adjust and calibrate things correctly and as soon as possible to get ready for our first observations for the next days.
Objects viewed: Just use of the telescope to locate the sun, none a particular object.
Problem encountered: N/A

Thank you!

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