Sol Summary – December 18th

Sol: 3

Summary Title: Mars, birthday and pizza

Author’s name: Tania Robles, Commander

Mission Status: Mission is going well. We started all of our projects today and the daily activities to maintain the Hab are been performed correctly by all the crew members.

Sol Activity Summary: Sol 3 was a very quiet day. We did our work at the Greenhab, cleaned the Hab, checked all the systems and functionality of the rovers, started to build our projects and learned how to use the solar telescope. Also, we had a great dinner (pizza) because of our Crew Engineer’s 27th birthday. By now we are finishing our reports and planning to later play a traditional board game from Mexico after a long day today.

Look Ahead Plan: Sol 4 will be a day with EVA activity to take pictures with two different cameras (professional and web) to be used for the rover experiment so they can be used for the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The EVA will be used also to recollect soil samples for our Greenhab Officer’s research.

While that, we will be working at the RAM with the 3D printer, coding some algorithms for the rover and taking some pictures of the sun.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny but cold

Crew Physical Status: All good. (Some crew members with pain in their legs because of morning exercise routines)


Reports to be filed:

-Operations Report

-EVA Request

-Greenhab Report

-Astronomy Report

-Journalist Report

-Commander´s Report


Support Requested: N/A

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