Sol Summary – December 19th

Dear Atila,

This is our Sol Summary. We are having a good and busy time here!


Sol: 4

Summary Title: Ninety Four

Author’s name: Genaro Grajeda

Mission Status: Everything A-Ok!

Sol Activity Summary: Long spacesuit trips during Martian winter might not be as cold as we think and helmets can get foggy with body heat. Cameras should always point front and not down. When the generator switches on or off there is a significant change in the voltage and switches may go off.

Look Ahead Plan: Green hab planting ahead with soil recovered from EVA. Programming artificial vision algorithms for rovers. Will do an EVA to find the most suitable location for a possible Smart-HAB Radio Access Network via satellite.

Anomalies in work: Spacesuits get foggy with body heat, engineering ponders if the fans may need more power.

Weather: Not-so-wintery at all. Small gusts during EVA.

Crew Physical Status:

EVA: Cactus road near Galileo Road.

Reports to be file: Journalist Report, Commander Report, EVA request, Greenhab Report, Operations Report, Science Report, EVA report.

Support Requested: Engineering support to know what is going on with fogginess.

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