Sol Summary – December 20th

Sol 5:

Summary Title: Los caminos de la vida…

Author’s name: Carlos Mariscal, XO

Mission Status: All activities are being done, crew members are doing their activities as expected, both in the hab (maintenance) and their projects. The experiments are having some delays due to technical obstacles such as internet and unexpected maintenance.

Sol Activity Summary: It is always good to take a compass and a map to every EVA; roads can be difficult to find. Our commander learned to cook today!

Look Ahead Plan: The original plan for tomorrow was to have an EVA, but the members will stay in the hab to have more progress on their experiment related activities instead.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny, calm winds

Crew Physical Status: The crew is physically ok, but we are kind of tired, some crew members are taking afternoon naps. Perhaps because of the EVAs.

EVA: Hab Ridge Road

Reports to be file:

– EVA report

– Commander report

– Greenhab report

– Operations report

– Journal report

Support Requested: Please someone send Tacos! Besides that, none.

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