Sol Summary – December 21st

Summary Title: Yeah, potato chips!

Author’s name: Carlos Mariscal, XO

Mission Status: We are now working in full routines, everyone knows what is to be done and who must do the work. Working as swiss watch.

Sol Activity Summary: We learned that both HSO and commander can do well in the kitchen and that teamwork with some hilariousness is cool. We can laugh big time with really (I’m serious) bad jokes and, finally, we learned to appreciate the beauty of a bunch of potato chips, thanks to our GreenHab officer and chef.

Look Ahead Plan: We will request an EVA and the rest of the experiments are in progress, so the crew will keep on working.

Anomalies in work: XO (i.e. me), is stuck with the settings of OpenCV and python to continue his work. Working on that. RAM is cold as hell.

Weather: Partially cloudy, calm winds.

Crew Physical Status: Last night was kind of difficult. Some crew members had nightmares and did not sleep well. Besides that, everything is ok.

EVA: No EVAs today.

Reports to be file:

– Commander report

– Astronomer report

– GreenHab report

– Operations report

– Journal report

– EVA request

Support Requested: Could you send the recipe to make flour tortillas? We want to make (north Mexican) tacos and we have plenty of flour.

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