Sol Summary – December 22nd

Sol: 7

Summary Title: Slippery Roads

Author’s name: Tania Robles, Commander

Mission Status: Crew is working correctly. The projects are going well even with some delay because of technical problems. We are still waiting for the antenna so we can install it and for an electronic component for the system of the 3D printed Rover.

Sol Activity Summary: During Sol 7, four of our Crew members went out for an EVA to The Moon. It was long exploration trip. We learnt that sometimes to innovate in the roads you take, can be a bad idea for your legs and back when you use spacesuits. But also that the MDRS maps are very correct and precise.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow at Sol 8 we will continue working with our projects and clean the Hab for Christmas.

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Sunny and windy

Crew Physical Status: All good. Tired because of the EVA.

EVA: Crew 201 performed a four people EVA to The Moon (E515708.2, N4254873). We took the rovers from the Hab for 5 km and then walked through White Moon and Beige Moon to Yellow Moon. The destiny was The Moon but we got confused with the roads. Finally we walked back through Brahe HWY to the main road and drove the rovers back to the Hab. The objectives were covered and we had a successful EVA

Reports to be filed: Operations Report

EVA Report

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