Green Hab Report Dec 25th

Hi all,

Here is today’s Christmas Greenhab Report:

Crew 201 Greenhab Report 25-DEC-2018

Greenhab Officer:

Walter Calles

Environmental Control:


Cooling w/ ambient air (1hr)

40% Shade Cloth on

Average Temperatures:

Low: 24.7°C

High: 34°C

Hours of Supplemental Light:


Daily Water Usage of Crops:

18.5 gallons

Water in Blue Tank (lbs):


Times of Watering for Crops:


Changes to crops:

Re-planted salad beds (mix and blend) growing good

Tomatoes in better shape, specially on 2 pots

Baby greens showing excellent progress

Sunflowers showing better progress

Peas keep growing good

Lettuce growing good


General review of the progress on all plants. Onions and spinaches not showing progress yet. Hopefully will see first sprouts tomorrow.

All plants in good shape, except from cucumbers. Will think about re-planting tomorrow

Experiment Results:

Date: SOL5 (SOL10 overall)

New results observed! First checkpoint tomorrow.

Control Pot: Progress observed.

Soil Sample Type 1

@10%:First radish leaves

@20%: First radish leaves

@30: First radish leaves

@40%: No progress

@50%: No progress

Soil Sample Type 2

@10%:First radish

@20%:First radish leaves

Soil Sample Type 3

@10%:First radish leaves

@20%:First radish leaves



Support/Supplies Needed:

Merry Christmas!

Best regards,

Walter A. Calles

Greenhab Officer & Co-Journalist

Crew 201

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