Greenhab Report – December 26th

Crew 201 Greenhab Report 26-DEC-2018
Greenhab Officer: Walter Calles

Environmental Control:
Cooling w/ ambient air (1hr)

40% Shade Cloth on

Average Temperatures:
Low: 20.4°C
High: 33°C

Hours of Supplemental Light: 5

Daily Water Usage of Crops: 10.5 gallons

Water in Blue Tank (lbs.): 40%

Times of Watering for Crops: 1120

Changes to crops:
Re-planted salad beds (mix and blend) keep growing good
Sunflowers showing good progress
Sugar Peas growing good

General review of the progress of all plants: Onions and spinaches still not showing progress.
All plants in good shape. Cucumbers are still looking bad. Changed the sticky papers again.

Experiment Results:
Date: SOL6 (SOL11 overall)
Control Pot: 3 sprouts in good shape
Soil Sample Type 1
@10%: OK, 3 sprouts
@20%: OK, 3 sprouts
@30: OK, 2 sprouts
@40%: No progress
@50%: No progress

Soil Sample Type 2
@10%: OK, 2 sprouts
@20%: OK, 3 sprouts

Soil Sample Type 3
@10%: OK, 1 sprout
@20%: OK, 1 sprout


Support/Supplies Needed:
Any recommendations regarding cucumbers? Should I replant them, or choose a different plant?
On the other hand, I’d appreciate some guidance to perform these Martian Soil analysis techniques:
-Composition of clay, sand, and organic (loam) content
-CO measure
-Content of N2, PO and other chemicals

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