Greenhab Report – December 28th

Crew 201 Greenhab Report 28-DEC-2018
Greenhab Officer:
Walter Calles

Environmental Control:

40% Shade Cloth on

Average Temperatures:
Low: 24.3°C
High: 35.6°C

Hours of Supplemental Light:

Daily Water Usage of Crops:
16 gallons

Water in Blue Tank (lbs):

Times of Watering for Crops:

Changes to crops:
Nothing significant

Planted three new pots for Cress. Watered and reviewed all plants in general.
Some dry leaves in the far part of the Greenhab, apparently the sun exposition is heavy during the first hours of the day
Probably, that was the reason of the bad behaviour of the Cucumbers (now moved to the front of the Greenhab, next to the tomatoes)
Recomendation: move the shade cloth to cover that corner.

Experiment Results:
Date: SOL8 (SOL13 overall) Crew 201 Final Experiment Report
Control Pot: 3 sprouts in good shape
Soil Sample Type 1
@10%: OK, 3 sprouts
@20%: OK, 3 sprouts
@30: OK, 1 sprouts
@40%: No progress
@50%: No progress

Soil Sample Type 2
@10%:OK, 3 sprouts
@20%:OK, 2 sprouts

Soil Sample Type 3
@10%:OK, 1 sprout
@20%:OK, 1 sprout


Support/Supplies Needed:
More sticky papers.
Some more seeds to keep re-planting some plants would be helpful.
My request is:
-Baby Greens

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