Astronomy Report – December 29th

Astronomy Report

Name: Federico Arturo Martinez Espinoza

Crew: Crew 201 MEx-1

Date: Dec 29 2018

During our time on MDRS, as astronomer my main job was to make observations of different space bodies using the MDRS-WF telescope, the observations were focused on astrophotography of the next bodies:

Object Filters Exposure Images taken
46P Wirtanen RGB 60s 3
Andromeda Galaxy H alpha 210 5
Andromeda Galaxy RGB 60s 3
NGC7000 RGB 45s 3
Messier 101 RGB + Halpha 60s 4
Horsehead nebula RGB + Halpha 60s 4
NGC2024 RG + Halpha 60s 3
PGC21396 RGB + Halpha + Lum 45s 5
* Horsehead nebula RGB + Halpha 300s 4
* M1 RGB + Halpha + Lum 300s 5
* PGC27077 RGB + Halpha + Lum 120s 5


The filters used to process the images were on most of them RGB and some of them the Halpha filter with a time of exposures between 45 and 300 seconds, after calibrating the images on AstroimageJ I proceed to give the color using photoshop based on the steps the quick guide had gave me.
The results were varied depending on the time of exposure and the filters used, but many of the images were great and I am getting experience and exciting about astrophotography.

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