Sol Summary – January 2nd

Sol: 4

Summary Title: Engage!

Author’s name: Cesare Guariniello

Mission Status: Today we began our real exploration, with the first medium-length EVA. The EVA supported geology and two more research projects. The mission is proceeding greatly, with a great combination of work, exploration, fun, and enjoyment of life together on Mars.

Sol Activity Summary: The day began on a stress-relieving note, with some yoga small exercises and postures led by the Commander. After breakfast with crepes and Nutella, the whole crew participated in the preparation of EVA #3, which lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. The afternoon was spent resting and working on research projects. After sunset, the crew had a little scare due to some malfunction in the power system, which was luckily solved in a short time by the Program Director.

My commander role keeps giving me emotional moments very often. Once again, it is amazing to receive twice as much good vibes, from my own experience, and from seeing the joy and happiness of my crew. Today the EVA was exhausting as usual but full of laughter, and the work becomes incredibly light when friends are around, and good feelings are within us. We are having our first emergency tonight, with the power system being a little mercurial (on Mars?), and we are currently in power conservation mode, but with the mood still very high!! 😀 Any non-nominal situation is more learning on our way to Mars!!

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will have a second EVA for a collection of geological samples and support to phase 2 of the research project on crew stress (after completion of the EVA). Crew members in the habitat will work on their projects, besides dealing with the daily maintenance

Anomalies in work: The generator is currently off, campus in conservation mode

Weather: Sunny and cold with melting snow on the ground

Crew Physical Status: In perfect health, helped by the morning yoga. Some expected muscle soreness for the EVA crew

EVA: The Commander, Executive Officer, Crew Engineer, and Crew Journalist had an EVA to the region along Pleiades Rd, after riding the rovers along Cow Dung Rd. The snow is finally melting, and the fluvial deposit area around Pleiades Rd only had 1 inch of patchy snow, which did not cause any hazard, while the hills on the sides of the road were completely uncovered and yielded interesting clay samples. On the way out, scenarios were discussed for the project on EVA decision-making. While in the field, we worked on geology and on radiation measurement. The EVA had a long time in the field, between hiking and working, and was a great experience of the toughness of outdoor operations on Mars.

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, EVA report, EVA request, Journalist Report

Support Requested: None

Commander, MDRS 202


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