EVA Report 4 – January 3rd

Crew 202 EVA Report 3-Jan-2019

EVA #4

Author: Denys Bulikhov (EXO)

Purpose of EVA: Collection of geological samples and ambient radiation readings

Start time: 10:50

End time: 12:44

Narrative: EVA 4 crew took Cow Dung Road down to the Kissing Camels Ridge. Crew went to the west side of the Ridge first collecting samples from fallen rocks and river beds and collecting ambient radiation readings. Then they went to the East side of the Ridge collecting samples and readings, made a circle around the valley and came back to the rovers.

Destination: Kissing Camels Ridge

Coordinates: N518500, E4249300

Participants: Denys Bulikhov (EXO), Kasey Hilton (ENG), Alexandra Dukes (JOU)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, then walk along the Kissing Camels Ridge.

Mode of travel: Driving and walking

Vehicles used: Spirit and Curiosity.

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