EVA Report 8 – January 7th

Crew 202 EVA Report 7-Jan-2019

EVA #8

Author: Denys Bulikhov (EXO)

Purpose of EVA: Collection of geological samples and ambient radiation readings

Start time: 10:55

End time: 14:05

Narrative: EVA 8 crew took Cow Dung Road up to the Galileo Rd and then down to the Cactus Rd. Crew came back to the same spot where EVA 6 crew investigated geological samples 2 days ago. EVA 8 crew attempted to find the lost trail since the snow melted down a little. EVA 8 crew drove around 0.5 mile around the plateau looking for the trail without any success. At the farthest point crew left the rovers and walked to one of the canyons where they collected geological samples, ambient radiation readings and took photographs on the rim of the canyon. Later they again attempted to locate the trail collecting the samples on the way. Trail was not found. After Spirit rover reached 60% of charge, EVA 8 crew came back to the hab.

Destination: Cactus Rd, canyons

Coordinates: N520500, E4252000

Participants: Denys Bulikhov (EXO), Kasey Hilton (ENG), Jake Qiu (HSO)

Road(s) and routes per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, Galileo Rd, Cactus Rd.

Mode of travel: Driving and walking

Vehicles used: Spirit and Curiosity.

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