Sol Summary – January 9th

Crew 202 Sol Summary Report 09-Jan-2019

Sol: 11

Summary Title: Beyond the Dinosaurs

Author’s name: Cesare Guariniello

Mission Status: Nominal, the crew is working on the final touches of the part of their projects that has to be conducted at MDRS (some will have to study the data collected here once back on Earth)

Sol Activity Summary: this morning had a session of stretching for the back and shoulders. After breakfast, four crew members went on EVA towards Lith Canyon. Due to the safety protocol concerning the battery charge status of the rover, the crew walked the final part of the road, about 0.8 miles, to the west entrance of Lith Canyon. Walking around the special region (and “beyond the dinosaurs”), the crew studied the features of Lith Canyon from the northwestern wall. The condition of the west entrance did not allow the crew to hike down into the canyon.

After collecting radiometric data, the EVA crew walked back to the rover and drove the long road to the habitat, to join the remaining crew.

The afternoon was spent working, cleaning, making pizza dough, and resting. Tonight we are preparing a pizza and board games night.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will host a CBS crew that will grab footage of our work here. We plan to have an EVA, as well as work on our research projects

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Cloudy and warm

Crew Physical Status: Tired and in good health

EVA: The Commander, Executive Officer, Crew Geologist, and Crew Engineer had an EVA in the area of west Lith Canyon

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, EVA report, EVA request, Astronomy Report, Journalist Report

Support Requested: None


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