Sol Summary – January 15th

Crew 203 Sol Summary Report 15-Jan-2019

Sol: 3

Summary Title: Changua

Author’s name: Oscar Ojeda

Mission Status: Nominal (and relaxing)

Sol Activity Summary: It was a wonderful morning, with some of the fresh cilantro from the greenhab, and also doing our best with the dehydrated ingredients, we prepared a traditional breakfast from Bogotá, Changua. Afterwards, we had a conversation with director Shannon about yesterday’s EVA, and after she departed we started to work in our respective projects. The day was calm and relaxing, we were able to keep in each other’s company while working, sharing, talking, laughing, and realizing that going to Mars is not about regolith, screws, and dehydrated food, it is about learning to be human.

Look Ahead Plan: Tomorrow we will continue the work inside the habitat, in preparation for the expected first science EVA on Sol 5. We are also getting a lot of new ideas about what should we cook, and on some outreach material…!

Anomalies in work: None

Weather: Very cloudy (Stratocumulus), with low intensity snow in the early afternoon, getting heavier towards the evening.

Crew Physical Status: In good health…!

EVA: none

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, Journalist Report.

Support Requested: Send lots of hugs and good vives…! ~[°-°]~

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