Sol Summary Report Jan 18th

Crew 203 Sol Summary Report 18-Jan-2019

Sol: 6

Summary Title: “For here are we sitting in a Tin Can”

Author’s name: Oscar Ojeda

Mission Status: Nominal, with an anomalous functioning of the diesel generator during the night.

Sol Activity Summary: It was a late start of the day. As if we had agreed on it, all the crew went up at almost exactly the same time. Last night we had an anomaly with the diesel generator which forced us to enter low consumption mode, and to start the morning in the same way. We had our breakfast, then each one was headed for their respective zone, it’s curious how now everyone has their own spot they can feel as their own. We had a tropical lunch based on coconut and pineapple, and kept working on keeping the station and projects. The sunset brought everyone back to the hab, we shared freshly baked oatmeal cookies, and are headed to a pizza once the capcom window is closed. (how curious, the narrative line was all about food)

Look Ahead Plan: We’re close to the middle of our mission, we want to keep working on each project, and to do some more EVAs.

Anomalies in work: We went on low consumption mode during the night and morning due to a malfunction of the diesel generator.

Weather: Clear skies all day long, with moderate winds.

Crew Physical Status: In good health, although tiredness is starting to catch up.

EVA: None

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, Journalist Report, EVA Request, Astronomy Report.

Support Requested: None

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