Science Report – January 20th

Science Report 20 Jan 2019
Crew 203
Submitted by Yael Natalia Méndez/ Crew Scientist and HSO

After having performed 3 EVA for data collection of geology and microbiology, the crew began their activities in the science dome. Characterizing the collected rocks, organizing the collected data for photogrammetry and processing the microbiological samples of surfaces collected at the station.

The experiments in the greenhab also started 2 days ago. The crew made different mixtures of soil and regolith to plant peas. The objective of this project is to determine the viability in gemination of the crops.Tests are being conducted in the greenhab to determine the percentage of oxygen and the incidence of this in crops. The lysimeter is assembled and the container for planting must be adapted.

Two daily reports of the ethnographic study are being sent.

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