Journalist Report – Jan 26th

Title: Across the Universe
Author: David Mateus

With the last days full of Latin American music it is evident that we miss our home, the green of the Colombian mountains, the taste of our fruits, the voice of our relatives and dance with the rhythm of salsa brava.

By getting involved in a trip to other worlds we do not stop being human, we will always need a hug and it will be inevitable to shed some tears from time to time. Mars teaches us that difficulties on land were only part of a training, that we always have something more to learn and that we do not advance just by ourselves.

I will never forget his great sense of humor, your ability to cook exquisite dishes with dehydrated food, your disposition in the maintenance of the habitat systems, your resistance in the EVAs, your professionalism, your companionship, your tolerance, your happiness. I hope to see you soon and to continue working for this beautiful dream. I still have a lot to do on Mars, a lot to learn and I’m happy to stay a little longer, but I’m sad that I will not be with you tomorrow enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way to Grand Junction.

The 204 crew receives the immaculate RAM and science dome, a greener Greenhab, an observatory where our remote astronomer followed the most amazing images and a cozy main Hab where for two weeks our laughers were heard. We hope you have an excellent stay in this that was our home and be aware of the great responsibility that remains in your hands.

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