Journalist Report – February 2nd

Crew204 Journalist Report 02-FEB-2019

Title: Robotic Manipulation
Author: Sonal Baberwal

In today’s world, robots seem to play an important role in our day to day life but the true fact is, for future Space exploration, the robotic technology will play a crucial role for enhancing the overall performance of the respective mission. The combined efforts of human-robot interaction is the new future! Robots are not living things but perform better than living beings in terms of precision and accuracy. We have already noticed the marvels of Space Robotics in the International Space Station or Planetary exploration in our solar system like rovers on Moon and Mars.

It has been a busy day where everyone had been involved in their individual research and responsibilities. From morning the crew had been working in different labs to collaborate their work like the Science, Engineering and the GreenHab.

Kunal Naik (Space Bot) had been busy disassembling and assembling the parts of the child rover to get it ready and operational for the EVA. The rover seems to be ready to crawl on the Martian terrains.

Commander was able to set up the Arduino system for the 3D printer in the morning. He has been experimenting with different soil samples while preparing different compositions from red soil, Hab garden soil and some Martian soil along with charcoal. His objective is to investigate the capacity of various soil combination that can possibly bring life in the new soil. He had also been busy working on setting up 3D printer’s mechanical assembly for his experiments.

Cosmos Patil had been working for continuous scheduled watering on grenhab plants and the sprouts he had planted.

This was followed by the EVA. the participants of the EVA today are Cosmos Patil and Kunal Naik. The had explored the white moon. They had an amazing experience while climbing white moon. A quick test of the child rover had been done and the major purpose was to take photos from child rover but had a system failure.

Kunal Naik has been working over the troubleshooting with the help of Sipna College of Engineering and Technology, India. Tomorrow will be a new day with the hope that our rover crawls one again!

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