Journalist Report – February 4th

Crew 204 Journalist Report 04 FEB 2019.

Title: Are We Alone?

Author: Sonal Baberwal.

Good morning from Mars. Last night has been a noisy night as we could sense the winds trying to say us something by knocking the doors throughout the night! The feel of isolation was at its best as all we could hear was the noise of the wind which leaves us with a question, are we alone out here in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps nature won’t ever leave you alone. Another day started with looking out from the window and observing the beautiful view of the clouds and the mountains.

The day continues with yummy brunch cooked by Kunal Naik and Avishek Ghosh. We were actually discussing how much we are missing the EVAs due to unsupported weather conditions. The day had been engaged in working on the usual routines where our GreenHab officer had been working on regular care of the GreenHab.

Kunal Naik and Avishek Ghosh had been working on their projects related to the rover and the 3D printing. The day had been an ordinary day just like the others, but the best part of this ordinary day was the extra-ordinary outputs everyone had received.

Very firstly, heartiest congratulations to our baby plant from the sprouts that have grown one day old and he is observing Mars with us! All the fruitful efforts and care of our GreenHab Officer Patil (Cosmos) have turned to be worthy. The new soil compositions prepared by our commander looks promising with some reasonable or unexpected results.

The rover is finally assembled where it can crawl on the Martian terrains and capture its unforgettable moments. The commander has prepared the clay mixture which is ready to be molded into pots from this soil.

The day had been really interesting in terms of the activities we have been performing. Looking forward to a new sunrise with a hope in better weather conditions to support the EVA. This is Sonal Baberwal, HSO and Crew Journalist reporting live from the upper deck of the Habitat! Stay connected to know more about the application of our results.

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