Science Report – February 03rd

Title: The Martian experimental benefactor.

Author: Avishek Ghosh

1. Processing and preparation of soil

Team: Sonal Baberwal, Avishek Ghosh

Various soil composition (8 variations) have been prepared from MDRS soil, JSC-MARS-1, Charcoal and garden soil stored in Greenhab. Another material is also added with existing soil composition to prevent compaction. Water has been poured into all the prepared soil samples and left overnight. The complex compositions have soaked water quickly even got dried till morning. Other basic compositions were holding the moisture.

2. Experimental Greenhab preparation

Team: Pranit Patil, Sonal Baberwal, Avishek Ghosh

A few sprouted seeds along with some grown-up mustard plants have been transferred and planted to the new 8 different soil compositions that are prepared yesterday. Observation is required on the surviving capacity and growth of the seeds and plants on new soils. A regular growth has also been observed on the sprouted seeds that already planted in regular garden soil.

3. Rover assembly and integration

Kunal Naik (Space_Bot)

The rover has experienced some issues related to power system and wirings which was resolved at the earliest. The battery test and camera performance test have been executed inside RAMM (Engineering lab). It is ready to be operated outdoor during the EVA’s through a newly developed local server connectivity. But the real communication system is yet to be tested.

4. 3D Printer assembly and test run

Avishek Ghosh (Carbon flight)

Today, finally Commander was able to start the printer system and successfully extrude materials through the tube with automatic/manual settings in engineering to develop. It took a bit of time to develop the mechanical assembly but the entire machine responds well during operations. Printed a sample (MARS) of a few layers during the test run. Further upgradation is required to develop complex printed structures.

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