Journalist Report – February 6th

Crew 204 Journalist Report 06-FEB-2019

Title: Eat to live or live to eat?

Author: Sonal Baberwal (HSO and Crew Journalist)

Good Morning Earthlings! Have you ever lived on a salad for a month and missed all exotic food? This is exactly opposite to what we are feeling! We miss fresh salad! I wish salad could be available on Mars! But it will surely as soon as our plants grow older! Meanwhile, let’s experiment with different powders and make good food!

Another day starts with a lot of discussions on the table served with hot chocolate and experimental brunch! The day further continued with a regular routine and research everyone have been doing and short EVA performed by Commander and GreenHab Officer. Dear weather, please get well soon! Because we really miss long EVAs with rover!

It was really a great experience to 3D print the bricks with the Martian clay and help Commander, Avishek Ghosh. Who knows maybe Commander is planning to make a mini Habitat? And then he might use magnifying energy just like superheroes and magicians and make it large! I never know what exactly goes in his mind! Let me share with you, my area of interest lies in Human-Machine Interaction and Brain Waves. I wish I can make a mind-reading technology pretty soon and read what exactly goes into his mind.

Our GreenHab officer Cosmos Patil has been involved in taking care of the plants as we have been facing lack of sunlight and cold weather. I believe after returning back home definitely he is going to miss the GreenHab and would be making a kitchen garden as he has started making plants as his friends! After lunch, he goes to the GreenHab to have a walk and music with his friends!

You will find our Crew Engineer Space Bot taking readings for his reports, filling up the water tank and similar things! Sometimes it becomes difficult to know exactly where he belongs to! Sometimes you will find him sitting up the deck to fill the water and sometimes setting temperature of the Upper deck. Sometimes in the Engineering Lab and sometimes smiling and talking with the rover!

You might be thinking what exactly I do? Well let me tell you, whether it might be the crew using sanitizer on their hand after using the toilet or washing their hand with water and handwash, I observe all of them minutely and share their deep secrets with all of you every day! I help the crew whenever and wherever they need assistance. Sometimes you will find me plugging earphones and listening to music, sometimes observing this world from the little window and sometimes putting loud Bollywood music and dancing by myself!

This is Sonal Baberwal, Health and Safety Officer and Crew Journalist reporting live from the Upper deck of the habitat just before the communication with the mission support. Stay tuned for the next sunrise and our bunch of stories!

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