Sol Summary – February 8th

Crew 204 Sol Summary Report 08-FEB -2019

Sol: 11

Summary Title: The End Game

Author’s name: Kunal Naik (Space_Bot)

Mission Status: Nominal

Sol Activity Summary: Time to go home. Is it happiness, eagerness or desperation to see actual beings around us, The Psychological game is going to end and what we learn in 2 weeks? Was it something changing?

Yes, of course not a life changing one but surely a lesson to live on limited water, food supply and strict protocols.

Experiencing some percentage of daily life of Astronauts. The first thing which the crew realized after waking up is the final day of the sim.

The crew had the morning breakfast and were in a rush for their morning EVA, Carbon Flight and MarsBag went for EVA while Cosmos and SpaceBot were in their daily Hab activities. Today’s in charge for cooking was SpaceBot, Post EVA, the crew had lunch together with challenges of Sim as a discussion topic. Today there were 2 EVA’s, one in the morning while the second after lunch. This time, it was SpaceBot and Cosmos turn for the EVA. While other crew members rested for a while at the Hab. Green Positive vibes all over the Green Hab. It’s sad that the crew won’t be able to see the growth of their planted seeds. This is the Ending and probably the last Sol Summary.

Look Ahead Plan: The crew has planned to clean the entire facility from top to bottom, from right to left. The crew will be eagerly waiting to welcome, meet and handing over the HAB to the Crew 205 for future simulation.

Anomalies in work: None Encountered

Weather: Sunny

Crew Physical Status: Nominal

EVA’s location: 1) 516100 E; 4254550 N (Widows Peak) 2) 518250 E;
4255500 N (Quarry Road)

Reports to be file: 1) Operations Report 2) Green Hab Report 3)
Journalist Report 4) EVA Report 5) Photos 6) Mission Summary 7) End
Rotation Food Supply excel sheet

Support Requested: None

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