EVA Report – February 14th

EVA #07

Author: N. Hadland, Executive Officer

Purpose of EVA: Terrain familiarization and sample collection

Start time: 1030

End time: 1115

Narrative: The crew left the Hab at approximately 10:35 and headed North towards North Ridge. In a clear space about 200m North of the robotic observatory they tested their drone “Parrot Mambo No. 5” for the first time. It succeeded in taking off with its ribbon attachments below but was noticeably perturbed in its flight by the winds so it landed and the ribbons were removed. The ribbon’s purpose is part of a proof of concept experiment to see whether a hovering drone with colorful ribbon below can be used as a beacon or lighthouse for nearby lost EVA crews. The drone took off a second time without this attachment and flew to an appreciable height of approximately 10m before the wind began blowing the drone too strongly and it was landed to prevent damage to the equipment. It was then put on charge on a portable power bank and the crew set off North again along Path 1103. Approximately 300m from the base of North Ridge in a hilly area the drone was flown again to take photographs of the crew below with the vertical camera. 4 photos were taken, some of which successfully show the crew below with good resolution. Before the crew began their approach to the North Ridge ascent on Path 1103 at approximately 1055, COMMS Officer H. Blackburn called in to notify the crew that the incidental weather they had been monitoring had reached the Hab and precipitation would likely reach the EVA team in under 10 minutes. For safety, the EVA was stopped and the crew returned to the Hab before the rain made the ground unsuitable for exploration. Effective monitoring of the environmental conditions at the Hab and clear communication with the EVA team ensured this was a productive and safe short EVA. The EVA team returned to the airlock at 1110 without incident.

Destination: Pooh’s Corner, North Ridge

Coordinates: 0518800/4250900 (Pooh’s Corner), 0518600/4251500 (North Ridge)

Participants: Natalia Larrea (GHO), Daniel Robson (HSO), Maria Grulich (MEDIA) Veronica Trivino (ENG)

Roads and routes per MDRS Map: North along Cow Dung Road (0110), through Pooh’s Corner, and then northwest to North Ridge

Mode of Travel: Walking

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