Sol Summary – February 16th

Sol: 6Sol Summary title: Boys and Girls clubs
Author: Verónica Triviño
Mission status: Nominal

Sol activity summary: Unsure on whether the weather would permit today’s EVAs given last night’s warning of a high chance of rain and wind, crew 205 was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a sunny morning, which remained clear throughout the day, permitting both planned EVAs. The morning EVA’s crew was composed by the four men of crew 205 who went up to North Ridge and its surrounding foothills to collect samples. The four ladies used the morning to make "Kaiserschmarrn" (scrambled pancakes), write up documentation, and of course act as capcom to our bearded crew members. The girls’ EVA consisted on a drive to Kissing Camel in order to take drone footage at high altitude (and sneak in a "Charlie’s Angels" pose photo). After returning from the afternoon EVA (to a fresh pot of coffee made by the guys), we worked on writing our documentation and planning tomorrow’s EVAs. In the evening, the long-haired girls will have our once-every-3-day-super-water-efficient hair wash session which we always look forward too!

Look ahead plan: We have two EVAs planned for tomorrow, a 4-hour morning one to "The Moon" and an shorter afternoon one to Hab ridge. Other than that, tomorrow’s HSO (Dave) and myself (tomorrow’s engineer) will be working on fixing some of the spacesuits, and the journalist wants to continue filming her interviews of the crew.

Anomalies: None

Weather: sunny and clear skies

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