Sol Summary 8 – February 18th

CREW 205 Sol Summary

Sol: 8

Sol Summary title: Fossils, mystery and other things

Author: Maria Grulich

Mission status: Nominal

Sol activity summary: The EVA suits have been fixed last night successfully.

This morning the crew woke up with the smell of pancakes with blueberry and apple toppings prepared by commander Maria with a banana milkshake to top it off.

The planned EVA had a chance of 30% snow but when we looked outside the window, we just could see white everywhere. Therefore, the decision was made to cancel the EVA.

It gave us the chance to catch up with science and maintenance of the habitat. The crew astronomer for the day is Natalia and she submitted a new request with the help of Ghanim who is today’s XO, for the Orion nebula as yesterday no new observation could be made.

Veronica and Dave exchanged the water filter. The tunnels were brushed to clean them from snow. Nathan continued the characterization of the samples. He made some interesting observation as some of the samples that were taken yesterday turned out to be fossilized shells which is very exciting as this means it is a sign of a former sea at the Moon area. In the afternoon he took care of the ISRU plants in the Greenhab which luckily survived the night.

Dave prepared some noodle soup and tonight we are getting salmon and hushpuppies and rice by comms officer Hannah.

Besides that, the crew edited some of the videos and took some extra images for the outreach project.

The crew journalist of today took some nice pictures of the hab in snow and the fossil shells.

After dinner, we’re hopefully going to play some games or watch a movie as a team.

Look ahead plan: The crew intends to conduct the EVA planned for today again, for tomorrow if the weather outside allows it. In addition, the science continues with characterization and observation of the Arabidopsisseedlings and their development in the regolith substrate and the editing of the videos will continue.

Anomalies: EVA cancelled

Weather: snow all day

Reports to be filed: Sol Summary, Operations Report, Greenhab Report, Journalist Report, Astronomy Report

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