Sol Summary – February 24th

Sol: 0

Summary Title: First Marks

Sol Activity Summary: After a small and difficult night of sleep in
the science dome (we let the leaving crew in the hab so they could
finish packing their bags), we got out of "bed" at 7, to say hi to
crew 205 and to do our first daily physical training. We ate breakfast
before unpacking our bags and getting settled in the hab. At 10 we
started preparing our experiments (e.g. water consumption monitoring)
and working on the food inventory.

We prepared lunch around 12h30 and ate until 2, when Atila came for our
training. The training went fine, we learned the last few details for
the mission. After that we each continued working on our experiments
and our reports, to be on time for the COMMS.

Anomalies in work: none

Weather: sunny

Crew Physical status: fine

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