EVA Report Feb 25th

Crew 206 EVA Report 25 Feb 2019

EVA #1

Author : Jeremy Auclair

Purpose of EVA : Training new crew members and finding a spot to install the LOAC and the weather station

Start time : 08:42 am

End time : 10:11 am

Narrative : After the 5 minute depressurization, we checked the water levels and the rovers’ batteries. At 08:52 am, We took Opportunity and Curiosity to go towards the Stream Bed Connector intersection. On the way, we stopped at 08:55 at the spot where we had put the LOAC last year (crew 189), to have a comparison point. We then went to Pooh’s corner at 08:58 to have a small walk (7-8 minutes). At this point my visor had started to get pretty foggy (with backpack 1), but I could still walk around safely. We the took the rovers again to head to the Stream Bed Connector, but with the snow we failed to recognize it. We went a bit to far (almost up to Galileo road). After tunrning around we arrived at 09:15 am. We walked around for about 5 minutes, once again to get used to the suits. We then headed back to the Hab to park the rovers. At 09:30 am we plugged both rovers in and we started
walking East North-East to find a good location to install our instruments. They have to be in a relatively flat place, not to close to any hills or mounts, and close to the road, to facilitate changing the batteries (the LOAC is powered with car batteries). We found this place at 09:40 am (–). After that we continued walking around and talking picture before heading back to the Hab. We arrived in the airlock at 10:04 am. One minute after pressurization, we realised we had forgot the EVA equipment bag in Curiosity, so we depressurized again, went to retreive it, and got in the airlock one final time. Pressurization started at 10:06 am. We got in the Hab at 10:11 am.

Destination :
Pooh’s corner : 518800E 4250900N
Stream Bed Connector : 519000E 425100N

Participants : Arélien Mure, Cerise Cuny, Norbert Pouzin and Jérémy
Auclair (EVA leader)

Road used : Cow Dung road

Mode of travel : Rovers and walking

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