Journalist Report – March 5th

Crew 206 – 03/05/2019

Sol 9

Author: Benjamin Auzou, Journalist

“Martian Wild Life”

Second day of our second week here in the MDRS, also the return of the routine ! We began the day with our sport session and yesterday and today, we all broke our records of the previous week. We are on the way to the roof of the Olympus (Mons).

After climbing the slopes of the western area of the Hab, the EVA team of the day walked along Hab Ridge. Aurélien, Norbert and Jérémy were the last crewmembers that never went here, after Cerise, Gaspard and I explored this zone last week. On their walk around the area, they spotted three strange animals. Under the surprise of that discovery, they didn’t manage to identify the species.
Jérémy took advantage of the view up there to shoot the whole landscape in order to create a panoramic view from the ridge. Such places are perfect for photo passionates like him, the colors and the relief of the day and the clear and pure sky of the night are beautiful to capture. The result is wonderful, a large picture of the Hab and the landscape around it : 170 MB of red dust and blue sky.

After three days of hard time trying to finish the Mars puzzle, Cerise, Gaspard and I finally managed to assemble the thousand pieces and we wrote our crew name with Crews 198, 203 and 205 at the back of the puzzle. When we added the last piece to it, an exclamation of joy echoed in the Hab. Crew 207 and following crews, we challenge you to assemble the puzzle during your rotation !

In the afternoon, the Green-Hab was musical ! Indeed Norbert continued his experiment on the influence of music and frequencies on plants resistance under radiations. We’re waiting for his first results that will certainly fall in the last days of the mission.

This night will mark the mid-mission milestone for us. As we turn in the second part of this extraordinary adventure, the crew is still holding strong together, and seeing the end of this journey coming both excites and frightens us.

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