EVA Report – March 7th

Crew 206 EVA Report 07 Mar 2019
EVA #09

Author : Aurélien Mure

Purpose of EVA:
We realized that the weather station and the LOAC had fallen down, so we need an EVA first to assess the damages and to fix it then. We will go out with some tools to be prepared to every case of damage. We won’t have plan B for tomorrow as we know the weather is not fine. Our equipment is endangered so we decide to ask to out.

Start time: 9:15 am

End time: 11:15 am

Narrative: We left the airlock at 9:18 and went to drive Curiosity for team Red (Gaspard and Norbert) and Opportunity for team Blue (Benjamin and me). The brakes of Opportunity were really lazy this morning so team Blue decided to go with Spirit under the HabCom approval. As soon as we arrived at the LOAC location we realized that the weather station has fallen down on its fragile parts. The weather cock and the anemometer are down and appear to be damaged. We quickly decide to take all the equipment back to the Hab to work on it. As strong wind are announced for saturday it is clear that we will deploy the equipment on monday.

Destination: LOAC and Weather Station location, Hab Ridge

Coordinates: 518500/425700 (LOAC and Weather Station), 517900/4251200 (Hab Ridge Road /Sagan Street)

EVA Participants: Norbert Pouzin (GHO), Aurélien Mure (XO), Jeremy Auclair (CMD, EVA leader)

Roads and routs per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Driving and Walking

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