Journalist Report – March 10th

Crew 206 – 03/10/2019

Sol 14

Author : Benjamin Auzou, Journalist

"A different day"

Since the beginning of our mission, the days are busy, and follow a
heavy routine. Today it was a pleasure to live and think differently and
we needed that to prepare the last week of the mission. However it’s
harder to find inspiration in those days.

The daylight savings time spoiled a part of the day. We woke up between
0900 and 1000, we had lunch at 1400 : a perturbed day. We had a big
breakfast with a new pancake recipe and spent more time speaking at the
table than on week days. Then while Norbert was baking bread, we watched
a movie, debated on the place of humour in societies, played VR games
and cards.

In days-off, time is different. Indeed we are not under a planning, our
tasks aren’t planned. And so we are taking more time to cook, more time
to speak, more time to play, more time for everything, more time for us.
Time is a precious value, especially on Mars, where Earth is at around
15 minutes of light speed communication, at months of space travel. Also
on Mars the question of day duration is important : Will the settlers
live on 24 hours cycle or will they adapt their way of life to the
martian 24 hours and 40 minutes cycle?

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