EVA Report – March 11th

Crew 206 EVA Report 11-MAR-2019
EVA #11

Author: Benjamin Auzou

Purpose of EVA:
After the wind of past days, the LOAC is back in the Hab for inside
measurements but we need to redeploy it outside for the last week. We
updated the water protection for these rainy days.

Start time: 09:59 am

End time: 11:04 am

This EVA was , a replay of our EVA#2 of 25th February. The same team and
the same goal.
After our engineering checks (water and rovers), we took Spirit and
Curiosity to drive to the LOAC location. The sky was blue and the sun
was shining on the martian landscape, so the EVA was quiet on the side
of weather.
We managed to install the station and attach it to the ground with pegs
and rocks. It took less time than on EVA#2 and in less than 45 minutes
the weather station and the LOAC were ready to restart their science.
We arrived at the station and entered the airlock at 1059. A successful
one our long EVA !

Destination: LOAC and Weather Station location

Coordinates: 518500/425700 (LOAC and Weather Station)

EVA Participants: Benjamin Auzou (COMMS, EVA leader), Gaspard Thieulin
(ENG), Cerise Cuny (HSO), Jérémy Auclair (CMD).

Roads and routs per MDRS Map: Entrance Road, Cow Dung Road

Mode of travel: Walking and Driving

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