EVA Report – March 12th

Crew 206 EVA Report 14 Mar 2019
EVA #14

Author : Jérémy Auclair

Purpose of EVA: The EVA has three purposes :

– Maintenance of the LOAC, replacement of the battery

– Final tests of the simulation space suit on a long EVA

– Exploration and photography of Galileo road and the beginin of Chandor

Start time: 9:22 am

End time: 11:25 am

Narrative: This morning the weather conditions looked perfect : a very
low wind, sunny with some clouds and a higher temperature than
yesterday. After the engineering checks we went straight to the LOAC,
changing the battery took us about 10 minutes. We then took the rovers
to drive to the east end of galileo road. We parked the rovers at 09:55
am at the end of galileo road and started walking down cactus road. We
continued walking for 45 minutes, making small pauses to take pictures
and investigate plants and rocks. Benjamin, who wore the space suit, was
feeling fine event an hour after the begining if the EVA. We arrived at
a relatively big canyon (compared to White Rock Canyon), we went down
and walked down into it. We continued walking for 10 minutes, talking
pictures, and at 10:40 am we decided to head back to the rovers in case
Benjamin started to feel tired or hurt quickly. We took half of the time
to arrive at the rovers. At 11:00 am we got it the rovers and started
driving back to the Hab. On the way back to the rovers I noticed some
nasty rain clouds north of our position, so I decided to make a final
stop at the LOAC position on our drive back to make sure the rain
protection was well attached. I just made a few changes and we drove
back to the Hab. We entered the airlock at 11:20 am and finished the EVA
at 11:25 am.

Destination: LOAC and Weather Station location, Galieo Road and begining
of Chandor Chasma

Coordinates: 518500/425700 (LOAC and Weather Station), 519700/4251900
(East end of Galileo Road)

EVA Participants: Jeremy Auclair (CMD, EVA leader), Benjamin Auzou
(COMMS), Cerise Cuny (HSO)

Roads and routs per MDRS Map: Cow Dung Road, Galileo Road

Mode of travel: Driving and Walking

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